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Dear Fellow Golfer,

Wouldn't you love to find a way to be longer off the tee, shave strokes off your scores and have a golf game that you are proud of, connect with like-minded golfers and get feedback on your own game...without spending thousands on lessons or new clubs? 

Wouldn't that be a dream come true? 

Well that can become a reality with The Art of Simple Golf’s new all access membership area for an astounding one off payment that saves you 80% to access all 8 of our premium golf instructional resources and our interactive golf community.
We are proud of each one of our products and video series…
Each one delivers something unique and against the paradigm blindness of the golf industry that enables you the best, fastest route to happier and better golf without confusion or complication.

Many thousands of golfers are enjoying one or more of our resources and after listening and receiving hundreds of emails we have decided to make life easier and better in more ways than one.

Now you can get...
Every One of The Art of Simple Golf’s Instructional Videos And Resources Under One Roof And One Login For A Huge Discount

Before each resource was accessed through individual logins and private links so after a while, keeping track was a pain so we have migrated them all in one membership area whether you have access to one or them all! 

Plus you get swing reviews, our golf community groups and exclusive to the Insider’s area we will be publishing videos, interviews, special content and free gifts.  

All of the above is accessed through here. 
An all in one solution to play YOUR IDEAL GOLF GAME!
Break Free From Golf Frustration
Experienced golfer or novice, it doesn't matter. You are probably frustrated—and all frustrated golfers have a “love-hate” relationship with golf.

Dozens of times a week I speak with golfers just like you that you are so frustrated with not being able to play to their potential consistently that they’re on the verge of putting away their clubs for a while...or even longer.   

If you’re like them, you hit hundreds of balls and play a few rounds a week, but the anticipation of enjoyable golf is replaced by short drives, poor scores and a frustration that casts a black cloud over the game you love. Instead of an almost effortless, fun experience, golf...and only one thing will change that...on the course RESULTS. 

You want... 
  • Longer Drives
  • Straighter Shots
  • A Sharp Short Game
  • To Hole More Putts
  • To Halve Your Handicap
Well I am very glad to say that if you’re serious about enjoy all of that, then as of today the confusion, complexity, frustration and B.S golf instruction you have experienced can be gone forever when you have these resources, elite coaches and step by step programs at your fingertips.
The Art of Simple Golf’s Insider’s Instruction Library
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TODAY JUST $147 - ($649 Value)
Available in Instant Download! Nothing Will Be Shipped To You.
No Questions Asked 60-Day Money Back Guarantee! 
One Time Payment For Lifetime Access 
The Art of Simple Golf was created because golfers like you need to know that with a few simple principles that are easy to understand and easy to execute - you can be playing better golf than you ever thought possible.

The resources you are about to get access to have transformed many thousands of golfers’ games and now, for the first time ever, we have complied the The Art of Simple Golf’s entire resources library in an easy-to-use membership area that can be used anywhere, anytime and will transform YOUR game and make golf more enjoyable. 

You over-complicate what should...and can be very simple and enjoyable...and the results are usually playing far worse than you’d like to or are capable of. 
With The Tools and Programs on Hand in The Insider’s Membership End To Golf Frustration And Finally Playing Your Best Golf - Every Time On The Course!
99% of golf frustration is caused by two things: not unlocking your natural swing and not allowing golf to be simple. Most golf pros, and typical golf instruction in general, give you too much to think about, too many quick fixes and band-aid types of solutions.

Golf, as you know, has several facets that have to be sharp to play well. 
  • Straight long drives.
  • Consistent iron shots.
  • A Wedge game that can save pars and get birdies.
  • A putting stroke that you can rely on,.
  • A mental strength to stay focused.
It's a lot to master.

So let's think about that for a minute... If you are approaching every area mentioned above with a different method and collection of tactics - how challenging is to to be consistent and improve especially...if you do not have all the time in the world to practice? 

That’s why the Library will suit you needs no matter your desires or requirements… 
We have you covered with ALL of our resources for every department of your game and with different approaches and programs to lead you step by step and gain knowledge to own your ideal golf game.
The Art of Simple Golf’s Insider’s Instruction Library
Images are for visual purposes only and no physical 
products will be shipped.
JUST $147- ($649 Value)
Available in Instant Download! Nothing Will Be Shipped To You.
No Questions Asked 60-Day Money Back Guarantee! 
Try The full Library for a full 60 days. If you don't absolutely love the results, I will politely and gladly refund your entire purchase price.

You have nothing to lose but the frustration that comes with not playing your best. 

Here Is What You Get…
60 videos of the very best and common- sense instruction and drills for every department of your game to cut your handicap in half
Value $79


Value $57

Work WITH your body’s natural “kinetic chain” to give your swing effortless power, distance, and consistency (even if you’re not as limber as you used to be…)
Value $57
Stroke To Swing System 
Finally, Discover A Simple Golf Method To Seamlessly Connect The Dots From Your Putting Stroke To Your Power Drive That Delivers Immediate Results”
Value $57
Be Deadly From 100 Yards & In 

Finally, there’s a simple approach to mastering the most important skill in golf– the skill you MUST perfect if you’re going to make the most of your rounds and enjoy decades of low-handicap golf.
Value $47
Bulletproof Golfer Fitness & Flexibility Program
The magic of this system is in the exercise selection and the sequencing, specifically designed to optimize your flexibility, mobility and power. 

Value $47
Intelligent Distance Golf Training

Follow The Unique Program That Unlocks The Power To Add Dozens of Yards To Your Drives and Improve Consistency In Just 15 Minutes A Day…
No Matter Your Skill Level…
Value $47
Putting Tips, Drills 
& Myths

Do You Want To Be Better at 40% Of Your Golf Game? Want To Instantly Putt Better? European Tour Coach Helps You Hole More Putts...
Value $77
10 Yards in 5 Days Swing Lessons
Discover The Simple 5 Day System Guaranteed To Give You 10 More Yards Of Distance - Even If You've Tried Everything In The Past.
Value $17
Improve your vision, your golf and your day to day performance with exclusive, trainings that are proven to work. 

Value $37
Slash 5 Shots in 5 Days Shortgame Program
Would You Like To Slash 5 Shots Off Your Scores In Just A few Minutes A Day With Simple, Fun and Effective Drills By The End of This Week?
Value $37
Get The Art of Simple Golf’s Insider’s Instruction Library NOW!
Images are for visual purposes only and no physical 
products will be shipped.
JUST $147 - ($649 Value)
Available in Instant Download! Nothing Will Be Shipped To You.
No Questions Asked 60-Day Money Back Guarantee! 
Because I know you will see success, we back our incredible offer with a Full 60-Day Money Back Guarantee! AND you will enjoy golf and play better than you ever have, or you get your money back!

Welcome to the Art of Simple Golf family! 

Alex Fortey

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