"Finally An Effective, Simple, Proven, Guaranteed Lesson Series To Eliminate Your Game Killing Slice and Major Inconsistencies "
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Dear Fellow Golfer,

Let me ask you this… 

What is the most common, score and game debilitating shot that frustrates every single golfer at one time or another?

The Slice. 

I wager it’s something that frustrates you too because the swing faults that cause the slice also cause many other poor golf shots and poor distances. 

But what if I said to you that if you followed some simple principles and comprehensive lessons you would very rarely hit a weak fade or a slice accidentally again… Would you think I was talking crap because you have read and watched dozens of tips and drills promising to fix the slice to no avail? 
Perhaps you have purchased drivers or lesson packages hoping that soon enough your weak slice will be a thing of the past but time, lost balls, short drives, poor strikes and scores prove otherwise.  

Let me ask another question… 

Wouldn't you love to find a way to be longer off the tee, shave strokes off your scores, improve your ball striking, fix your slice once and for all and have a golf game that you are proud of...without spending thousands on lessons or new clubs?

Wouldn't that be a dream come true?
Even better: what if you could see this profound improvement b following 7 great lessons full of drills that you can watch whenever you like that will give you consistent, straight hitting power.
Just imagine being able to out-drive your competition by 20+ yards off the tee and cutting your handicap in half because you eliminated the slice and one side of the golf course!
This is not some pipe-dream. This is a proven, real world system that will improve your Read on and discover what hundreds of golfers just like you are discovering every single day… 

Well I am proud to bring to you one of The Art of Simple Golf’s contributors, my friend and colleague, the well respected Top 25 Coach, Alistair Davies’ Simple Slice Fix System for a great introductory price. 

Alistair and I have worked closely for a while now and I’m sure you have seen some of his great lessons on the website and on our YouTube channel… He knows his stuff and has helped thousands of golfers over his career to swing and play their best. 
I want to show you an exciting new system guaranteed to help you play better golf and eliminate some major swing flaws that cause the dreaded slice and other frustrating major swing flaws.
The Simple Slice Fix System will help you forever eliminate having to chase gimmicky swing fixes or hoping that a couple more lessons with the local pro will finally help you fix;

- Coming over the top 
- Miss-hits
- Inconsistency
- Loss of yards
- Weak slices

Plus, The Simple Slice Fix System is so simple to use, that you’ll have immediate success with it no matter what your experience level because it’s worked in the trenches over and over again with golfers of all ages, abilities and goals. 

The Lessons provided will educate you on the why of faults but most importantly clearly and concisely explain how to fix them with simple drills. Many of which can be worked on whilst watching the video at home. 

So come join us on our straight hitting journey... 
Yes! I'm ready to fix my slice, Improve my distances, ball striking and swing with every club and learn how to hit consistent draws and find more yards with every club in the bag!
I understand that when I act now, I get Instant access to all 7 comprehensive to Simple Slice Fix System videos , including:
Introduction Video: 
The essentials and reasons why slices occur and how we are going to fix them over the next few lessons and drills. 
Evidence Video: Drills and exercises you can do to establish which impact factor you will have to address and the order in which to tackle them if you have multiple errors.
Face Fix Part 1: This video demonstrates a great drill to increase the rate of closure of the club face during impact. Nearly always the first thing you should address
Path Fix Part 1: This video demonstrates a great drill to make your swing path more from the inside. A path needed to hit straight shots or draw shots.
Heel Strike Fix Part 1: This video demonstrates a great drill to move the strike from the heel of the club more toward the centre.
Path and Face Fix: This video demonstrates a great drill that is more of a task that will help you produce a club path and club face needed to hit a draw shot and move you away from the slice shot.
Skill Acquisition Strike Fix: This video demonstrates how to practice in a way to allow you to discover how to move the strike on the club face. The same can be done for path and face.
Why you should act now...
  • Don't waste another round fighting your slice and miss-hit shots caused by over the top swings, poor simple principles and poor mechanics.
  • This introductory price will increase by 45% very soon!
  • If you purchase in the next 3 days you will get a great bonus worth $27 for the Slash 5 Shots in 5 days resource.
If Simple Slice Fix System doesn't show me exactly how to Fix Your Slice ... if it doesn't take me by the hand, step-by-step Improve your distances, ball striking and swing with every club... or if it fails to help me Learn how to hit consistent draws and find more yards, then I understand that I will receive a full refund, No Questions Asked!
I understand that I get all this for only $27!

This week only you can save 45% as I know many of you suffer needlessly and want to make the most of the rest of the season., you get everything for only $27 over 45% off!!
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This is Golf. Simplified.

Your friend and coach 

Alex Fortey 
The Art of Simple Golf 
P.S. - Every minute you wait to get "Simple Slice Fix System " is another minute you waste. Don't fear one side of the golf course, water and tight fairways anymore. It's time to understand, learn and take action on your golf swing for straight powerful and consistent shots with a simple and natural swing instead of using this breakthrough (program / service) to quickly and easily Fix Your Slice and more!
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