"Stop Trying To Shoehorn The Young Guns Techniques Into Your Golf Game... Learn The Natural, Powerful, Consistent and Common Sense Method That Will Revolutionize Your Golf"
"Stop Trying To Shoehorn The Young Guns Techniques Into Your Golf Game... Learn The Natural, Powerful, Consistent and Common Sense Method That Will Revolutionize Your Golf"
If you’re a golfer over 50 using a “normal” swing, there’s a good chance it’s costing you power, consistency, and smooth, injury-free movement.
We have put together a revolutionary new swing method created by Shawn Clement, that will…
Work WITH your body’s natural “kinetic chain” to give your swing effortless power, distance, and consistency (even if you’re getting on in years and you’re not as limber as you used to be…)

Reduce - or even reverse – wear and tear on the joints and muscles of your knees, back, hips, wrists, and more…

And finally, allow you to go up against golfers who are 20, 30, or even 40 years younger than you… and win!

Hi, my name’s Alex Fortey. 

I’m the founder of The Art Of Simple Golf, and we have joined forces with one of the best natural swing and golf game experts on the planet,  Shawn Clement, President of Wisdom In Golf. 

He has helped tens of thousands of seasoned players already and our mission is to help a million golfers understand how the human body works not just in regard to the golf swing, but life in general. 
After all, we only get one body, and as we all know, the older we get, the tougher things are. 
We lose flexibility, we take longer to recover, and we’re more prone to injury…
And most golf swings out there – both modern and classic – are just making things worse.
80-90% Golfers Are Getting This Wrong
Every time I’m travelling and playing a course somewhere, I would estimate that at least 80 – 90% of the golfers I see are using swings that not only are difficult to control and lead to inconsistent striking… 
But also robbing them of anywhere from 10 to 50 yards of additional power they could be adding to every shot.
And that’s without even mentioning how incredibly destructive these swings are to the joints, muscles, and mobility of these golfers. 
In fact, I’d say that’s a big reason many folks here are probably feeling stiff and sore every morning when they roll out of bed… 

You included right?
Your golf swing is literally killing your body and scores, stroke by stroke.
And I don’t think it’s because there’s some huge conspiracy or anything like that…
Most golf instructors have no idea how the human body – and by extension, the golf swing – really work. 
 So they’re directing their clients to do weird things with the hips, grip, backswing, or the knees that, again, isn’t just robbing them of the power and consistency they deserve to have, but is also damaging their body with every swing.
What about the guys on tour? Are they doing the same thing?
I don’t want to name names, but I’ve seen a lot of the tour players who have admittedly effective swings…
But who I think in ten, twenty, or thirty years from now are going to have a lot of back, shoulder, and knee problems from the way they swing a golf club.

That’s why when we start to work with golfers we don’t even worry about their golf swing straight away.
It's about their movement and their body. 
So does mean then that if you are in your 40’s, 50’s, or 60’s you should just “give up” and accept your only going to be able to drive the ball 150 or 180 yards?
Absolutely not!
After all, it’s pointless having a 300 yard swing if it’s going to destroy your hips, knees, or spine!
As anyone my age or older will tell you, getting on in years isn’t always the most fun in the world. 
I’ve taken good care of myself, but as I nudge 40 years old I’m finding I move slower, I have less power, and recovery is much longer than back in my twenties…

And Shawn at 52 years old echoes the same scenario.
But that doesn’t mean your golf game should suffer for it!
In fact, Shawn developed a swing specifically for “senior golfers” – as in, anyone over the age of 40 – that allows to hold your own against, and in many cases, beat the pants off, a lot of younger players.
(Really this program is for any golfer.. but most under 30 are still thinking they are invincible! )

So we wanted to put together all you need to know to swing the perfect swing for you that gives your power, consistency, simplicity and is strain free on your body!

We called it...

If older golfers have less power, flexibility, and strength, how can they compete against players in their physical prime?
"I always thought, and was trained, that the golf swing was a fairly complicated process. I was SO wrong. The innovative approach of The Senior Golf Swing System made me realize the golf swing is a natural process and I should quit over thinking it. The videos are concise and very easy to follow utilizing real world examples that just make sense! It is amazing what I have learned in such a short period of time and how natural my swing now feels. 
 I would recommend this to anyone, not just seniors; to not only improve your golf swing, but your overall approach to the game we love. "-- 
 Dave Danitz- 53
If we were talking about football or boxing, I’d agree that it’s a young man’s game. 
But golf is different for three major reasons.

Reason #1
While I’m not saying raw strength isn’t useful, golf has always been about so much more than that. 
Even if we’re just talking about distance, the vast majority of it comes from having perfect swing TECHNIQUE. 
In other words, it doesn’t matter how fast you can swing the clubhead if it doesn’t make perfect contact. 
For example, many of my clients at the Centre see their distance IMPROVE by using less overall force, but ensuring they hit the “sweet spot” on the club ever time.
So what i'm saying is raw power is only a very small part of an effective swing. 
Solid technique is a lot more important, and that’s why older golfers can keep up. 
Reason #2
Sure, we all want to have those 300 yard plus drives...
And for most golfers – even those of you getting on in years – the high two hundreds at the very least is definitely achievable.
But again, there’s so much more to a great golf swing that just distance. 
Accuracy, for example. 
Being able to think outside the box when approaching a hole that has bad weather conditions.
Now, again, I don’t want you to think seniors can’t still get some wicked power out of drives. After all Shawn is over fifty and can still get a consistent 290+ yards. 
And guys a lot older who use the senior swing method I’m about to show you that hit 300 + yards off the tee regularly.
But a lot of people – especially youngsters – forget that you have an advantage and have got a lot of experience. 
And I’m not just talking about time on the course… 
I mean LIFE experience. 
That’s why we’re able to keep our cool when they get the yips. It’s why we’re able to see things in a way only mature golfers can. 
And in my experience, it’s why older golfers have better fundamentals. They understand the value of practicing, drilling, and plain old hard work.
Exactly, Alex. 
Reason #3
A lot of younger golfers today just don’t have the wisdom and patience required to learn the most natural and best way to golf...

There’s no denying younger generations, for the most part, think differently than we do. 
They aren’t as interested in having solid, repeatable fundamentals that perform as us older folks are.
In fact, they’d rather be doing some crazy swing that gives them a few extra yards but lands them in a sand trap more often than not.
Even though the principles and techniques we teach within the Simple Senior Golf Swing System apply to them just as equally... however, when we've tried this swing to some younger folks they have been to narrow minded and pig headed
A few of them – the smart ones – immediately understood the value of it, took to it like a fish to water, and are shooting some of the best golf of their lives.

But the overwhelming majority just aren’t interested in playing great golf if they don’t look “cool” doing it. 

Their loss....
I know personally the older I get, the better my golf game gets. 
I like to think of my golf game like a fine wine!
And I want you to believe the same can be for you too!

But it's only possible if you use your body how it's meant to be used...
I know personally the older I get, the better my golf game gets. 
I like to think of my golf game like a fine wine!
And I want you to believe the same can be for you too!

But it's only possible if you use your body how it's meant to be used...

The Senior Golf Swing System And Wisdom In Golf Began With Skiing...

Shawn came to understand how the body is designed started in his Ski Patrol...
Long story short, from the age of 17 to 23 Shawn was in the Canadian Ski Patrol. 
As you know skiing can be a dangerous hobby, so a lot of people would crash in nasty ways. 
Lot's of broken bones, spinal injuries, and that sort of thing.

One thing he learned very quickly is that moving someone the wrong way when they’ve had that kind of accident isn’t just excruciating for them, it can also be extremely dangerous. 
For example, if you move someone who has a spinal injury the wrong way, you can easily paralyze them for life.

Knowing what to do and how to safely move people was crucial... so an understanding of how the body should – and should not – move was even more so.
So when Shawn started teaching, he noticed how many people had a lot of limiting and damaging movements in their golf swing – movements that disrupted the “kinetic chain.”
What is The Kinetic Chain?

If you remember high school physics, they talked a lot about the transfer of energy.
Well, when you swing a golf club, our goal is transfer as much as the energy as possible into the golf ball. 
That’s what causes it to move…
But that energy has to flow smoothly in order for us to maximize our distance and stay limber, healthy, and uninjured.
Let me demonstrate real quick. 
Notice as I go through the motion of golf swing, the kinetic energy – or the movement – goes into different parts of my body.
It starts here at my shoulders and wrists, then moves into my hips and legs, then into the clubhead, and finally – into the ball.
Now, in a smooth movement sequence, that energy is transferred at the perfect time. 
Timing is The Key To Senior Golf...
It's like watching an Olympic relay race where they hand off the baton

But unlike a flawlessly trained Olympic team, most of us don’t quite have the timing we need to ensure the maximum amount of that kinetic energy flows through to the ball.
Now, if this is happening to you, it’s not your fault. 
Frankly, I’m amazed so few instructors in the golf industry really think about it. 

 The are very few people who understand that the timing of the golf swing is everything.
Most people just try and put more power into their swing. 
But truthfully, the human body can only exert so much force. 
So when you try and add more power, you are really just further disrupting this smooth sequence. 
At that point, all you’re doing is adding unnecessary tension, which not only robs you of power…
But also makes it far more likely you’ll injure yourself – sometimes so badly you can never play golf again.

So how can you avoid these faults and mistakes most golfers make best way to correct these mistakes and unlock the power we’re all accidentally robbing ourselves of?
The Senior Swing System is a full program that walks you through every single component you will ever need to pay and swing your very very best golf.

We have put together almost 120 minutes of the very information, knowledge, explanations, practice drills and principles in a fun, dynamic series that guarantees your improvement to see more distance, confidence, rhythm and consistency.
Here's What People Are Saying about The Senior Swing Program..
"I would thoroughly recommend this product for senior golfers all over the world, and realize that we have been doing wrong for far too long!!! "

Gary Strain
"This has been an eye opener for sure and by applying the new swing and rules my swing within a couple of days feels amazing and the strike is so different!"

Danny Howard

I would recommend this to anyone, not just seniors; to not only improve your golf swing, but your overall approach to the game we love. 

"I always thought, and was trained, that the golf swing was a fairly complicated process. I was SO wrong. The innovative approach of The Senior Golf Swing System made me realize the golf swing is a natural process and I should quit over thinking it. The videos are concise and very easy to follow utilizing real world examples that just make sense! It is amazing what I have learned in such a short period of time and how natural my swing now feels"

Dave Danitz -53
 So what's in the Simple but really effective Senior Swing System?
Understanding the main tenants and the why of the senior swing is key to your success of not only converting to these tactics and principles, it's key for long lasting success. 

The golf swing done correctly to how you are wired will literally transform the way you see golf forever. 

The only downside is, you will wish you started this sooner
Striking a golf ball is NOT ABOUT POSITIONS!

It's about your strategy... You do it perfectly in every day life but for some reason the golf industry and screwed this up for you.

But when you get this right, you will hit every golf shot better, you will be more consistent and enjoy the game more.
  • Learn how to create the ideal swing for every single shot
  • Be more consistent than ever
  • Finally know that you HAVE NOT LOST YOUR SWING even on bad swing days.
  • Hitting longer drives than you ever thought possible (with the accuracy of a military-grade missile…)
Your connection to the ball really comes from your hands... 

That's what gives you the feel and power. 

However, too many of you kill your distances and consistency starting with the grip and how, if you let them, your arms will more perfectly to maneuver the club into and through the ball for your best, fluid golf swing that works!

  • Learn from every shot, good and bad!
  • Learn that when you grip and hold the club correctly, you automatically create perfect lag and swing plane.
How you have been trying to swing the golf club has been slowly (sometimes sudddenly) killing your body, your swing, distances and scores. 

But the good news is, it does not have to be this way anymore! 

When you learn the really simple golf swing technique that is in perfect harmony to your body and how you can more safely and strongly, you will swing better. Everytime.
  • Hitting every shot you play with better balance (helping your swing adapt the perfect ‘natural tempo’...)
  • Have a golf move that feels strain free, smooth and creates velocity for more power
  • No more aches and pains for many years of happy golfing to come
This module will perhaps blow some huge myths of what your thought the club face should do in the golf swing and when striking the ball. 

Slicing, fat shots, shanks etc, all can be avoided when you you apply these very simple rules.

Control is key in golf and no matter your age, mobility or time you have to commit to golf, you will improve drastically with these lessons, drills and principles.
  • Set up the clubface with this one tweak and you will eliminate your slice!
  • Predict contact. Thin, fat, perfect, tight, fluffy, rough lie's... You will be able to have control
  • Increase power and improve ballstriking even if you have very limited mobility.
This is one of the main keys to the Senior Golf Swing System and when you get this right, you will love how your game feels.

You will have a new lease of golfing light and the strain free, free flowing golf swing you apply to drives, irons, wedge game and chipping will make you smile!
  • Less effort, more distance
  • Make friend jealous of your smooth fluid golf swing.
  • You will no longer get tense or feel sore after golf.
Ever wondered why you play good some days and not not others?

How about when you seem to always miss left or only hot fades no matter how hard you try?

Golf is frustraiting but you know, it could be as simple as screwing up your alignment!

In this module you will learn methods that will shock you in how much difference they make to every single shot
  • The way you line up each shot is wrong and costing you dozens of strokes.
  • Learn a simple system to attack each golf shot for the results you deserve.
In this series with Shawn you will get a lesson for a specific method to "Accelerate your golf swing".

Hammers, ropes, balls on string, velocity, leg power, timing and freedom in your golf swing flow are just of the points you learn. 

Couple that with great drills to dial in your power and you will be hitting your driver with less effort, 20-30 yards longer for sure!
Now, I know you’re probably wondering how an online course can effectively train, and improve your golf– and to prove to your just how confident I am in this system, I’m going to ‘put my money where my mouth is’!

Here’s how it works;

Purchase your copy of “The Senior Golf System” today, for the discount price of just $59…

And I personally guarantee you'll see BIG changes to the way you play.

If not?

Then I’ll refund every cent you paid – no questions asked.

if we aren't able to improve your golf and you don’t notice huge changes in a matter of a couple of weeks. . . . you get back everything you paid

Does that seem fair? 

Click below to secure instant access to the system right away – and begin changing your golf game.

So, you’ve now got a decision to make…

Click the button below, invest in the Senior Golf Swing System today, and begin improving your game.

(And, alongside, find your golf swing power increasing, and enjoy greater control over your balance, and green-reading ability…)

Or, click away from this page, and carry on playing a sub-standard golf game (while doing untold damage to your eyes, and your vision.)

To me, it’s an easy decision – and remember, thanks to the no-questions-asked, no-risk, 100% money back guarantee, you’ve got literally nothing to lose…

So just click the button below, and get instant access – I guarantee, you won’t regret it.

Discover What A Difference The Senior Golf Swing System an Make to Your Power, Consistency, Scores and Fun On The Course! 
Remember, you’ll be able to access the entire program, right away…

And thanks to the money-back guarantee, there’s literally no risk, for you…

So, click below, and start your journey.

See you inside!

Alex Fortey.

P.P.S Here are few more benefits...
Here are just some of the great benefits you get with this program;
  • Gets You More Birdies On The Course, Longer Drives And Consistency!
  • Makes It Easy To See The Incredible Improvement In Your Game With Just A Couple Of Minutes Of Practice.
  • Get Better Balance, Tempo, Power and consistency.
  • The Real SECRET For Being Able To Be Sharp On The Course And Not Having Age Affect Your Game
  •  How To See And Visualize Every Single Shot And Be Confident You Can Execute Your Best Swing To The Target You Want.
  •  Effortlessly Notice Improvement In Your Swing, Your Scores 
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