How Are Average Golfer Who Are Short on Time Improving Their Swing's, Game and Distances? 
Follow The Unique Program That Unlocks The Power To Add Dozens of Yards To Your Drives and Improve
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No Matter Your Skill Level…
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"It’s brilliant!

I’m seeing the difference on the course already. I like that there is something new each day. That removes the repetitive boredom that exists in some other programs… I have started some others but stopped after a few weeks because of the repetition, the benefits didn’t come quick enough to offset the tediousness that developed."

Tony, New Zealand
A Proven System For Better Golf
In Just 40 Days!
Dear Friend,

Please answer these important questions honestly: 

- Q. Are you sick and tired of trying to hit the ball further without much to show for it? 

- Q. Have you tried to increase your swing speed without getting much more distance? 

- Q. Did that latest driver not make any real difference to your accuracy or distance?

If you answered yes to any of those questions it’s your lucky day because there are a couple of popular myths you’ve likely believed that have stopped you from ever hitting the ball further. I’ll reveal what they are in a minute. But first you need to know who I am and why you should listen to what I have to say….

Even better: what if you could see this profound improvement in just a few short weeks, spending only a few minutes each day using a handful of simple moves - most of which you can do in the comfort of your own home?

It gets even better. Just imagine being able to outdrive your competition by 20-30 yards off the tee and cutting your handicap buy 7-11 strokes in forty short days…or less.

How great would that be?

This is not just a dream. This is as real as it gets. Read on and discover what hundreds of golfers just like you are discovering every single day…
From this day forward, you are forbidden to fall into the trap of thinking that high priced golf pros, expensive equipment and quick fix gimmicks will give you the swing and the golf game that you want! Those ‘solutions’ drain your time and your money…and usually leads you down the road to more frustration. 

Always looking at the listed issues of the popular golf magazines looking for their latest tips and tricks hoping to find something that will work for you is just no fun at all. What's doesn't work. Did you know that players who are constantly looking for quick fixes are usually the least successful golfers?

I want to show you a new method—an exciting new way to look at playing better golf. Using my Art Of Simple Golf System, chasing gimmicky swing fixes or hoping that a couple more lessons with the local pro will finally help is going to become a distant memory. 

Plus the Distance Golf Training System is so simple a golf novice can use it!
Break Free From Golf Frustration
My name is Alex Fortey and….

I’m a performance coach to professionals and weekend warriors alike.

I’m a former championship golfer
I’ve spent years training professional golfers and other athletes to maximize their potential through biomechanics intelligence and fitness
I know what it takes to produce consistent distances. 

My comfortable clubhead speed is 115-120+ mph with ball speeds (more importantantly) over 160mph

For several years I was admired for my swing, tempo and indeed distances I could smash the ball. This seemingly came naturally to me.. Or so I thought…

One day I make a startling discovery… And that discovery was literally what a powerful tool the body is and how it can be leveraged for powerful golf. (This is before “golf fitness” became a vogue trend). I discovered that the prolific distance I could naturally hit the golf ball with rubbish out of date equipment and very few lessons was not a stroke of luck. 

It was due to me training athletically, so my mind muscle connection was not only excellent, I was able to deliver the swing sequence with rapid speed with little to no forced effort. My fellow golfers hated me!

Over the years my discovery has been backed up with not only my praised, effortless golf swing, the distances I hit the ball (210 yards 6 iron – 290+ yards driver) but the many students, friends, athletes, pros and juniors I have passed on my tips to…

Plus the increasing swing speed, fitness, improving swing and efficiency advice to thousands of golfers around the world who follow Athletic Golf Training a website geared towards golf performance that I founded a few years back to help golfers of all levels get the simplest and best coaching.
Experienced golfer or novice, it doesn't matter. You are probably frustrated—and all frustrated golfers have a “love-hate” relationship with golf.

You See, I Know Golfers Are Frustrated...
And the chances are that if you love the game of golf but are tired of lackluster drives… You are also a busy person, life, family and work gets in the way of practice…

…if you’ve tried and tried to increase your swing speed, only to be hampered by minimal distance and lack of control… if you’re tired (and embarrassed) of having the weakest drive in your foursome… get ready to change all that.

Golf frustration is caused by two things: not unlocking your natural swing and not allowing golf to be simple. Most golf pros and typical golf instruction in general give you too much to think about, too many quick fixes and band-aid types of solutions and too much mental clutter.

First off, I want to let you know that it’s not your fault. There are a couple golf industry myths you’ve likely believed …
2 Myths That Are Ruining Your Game

MYTH #1: Better equipment will give you more distance.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. A new driver, ball, shaft, or training gadget will never significantly improve your distance.

Companies want to sell you products and make a profit from your frustration, so they constantly bombard you with marketing messages to try to make you believe their new products will make you a better golfer.

How many times have you been sold on such bogus science, only to be severely disappointed when get to try those products out on the course?

MYTH #2: The only way to increase distance is to increase club head speed.

This is another bogus claim, and one that will have you straining to hit the ball as hard as you can.

Rather, we need to develop fast twitch muscle fibers married with the correct swing sequence and path which will increase your ball speed (the real distance measure).

When you just try to increase clubhead speed , you not only lose control, you risk injury as you continually put undue stress on your muscles and joints. This is the fastest path to Slice City, and even if you get more distance, the only fairway you’ll be in is someone else’s.

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These myths are so prevalent and persuasive because the golf industry wants them to be…
Marketers want you to believe a new driver or set of irons will magically add 20 yards to your shots. Magazines, ranges, and teaching pros promote overcomplicated methods to profit from your frustration.

When you buy into these myths, you do more to harm your golf game than if you simply kept playing the way you were, with the equipment you have. You’ll never become a better golfer, because:
Your Body Is Your Greatest Weapon For
Long Distance Drives!
The human body is a miracle of physics and engineering. Harnessing your built-in mechanics is the absolute best way to develop an effortless, powerful swing that maximizes your distance and control.

The problem is most golfers don’t know how to use their bodies, and they try too hard to overcompensate for this lack of knowledge and training. Their swings are inconsistent, and so are their golf games.
If you don’t know how to use your body as a golf swing machine, increasing distance will always be an uphill (and unsuccessful) battle…
You’ll find it impossible to perform a repeatable, natural golf swing that features the proper sequence, speed, and effortless power required to maximize distance.

Your swing will put stress on your muscles and joints that can cause pain now and lead to long-term injuries that threaten your ability to play golf well into your golden years.

You are bombarded with bogus claims that promise everyone the “magic solution” to gaining more distance and power, so you’ll try every tip or quick fix – gaining only incorrect movements and losing a lot of money in the process.

It's Brilliant!

I’m seeing the difference on the course already. I like that there is something new each day. 
That removes the repetitive boredom that exists in some other programs… 

I have started some others but stopped after a few weeks because of the repetition, the benefits didn’t come quick enough to offset the tediousness that developed.

Tony C, New Zealand

More Speed and Power For World Long Drive Champion!

I don't have much time to practice so I need effective drills to get the most out of my swing. 
I have been using many of the tips, practice drills and home and the range drills and exercises within the 40 Days System and they are helping my speed, my launch and my consistency to help me win the " World Remax Championships” 

Jeff Gavin, Long Drive Champion
Jeff has competed at the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championships for 11 consecutive years, his best finishes have been  winning the seniors in 2014, 2009, 6th and 2011 tie for 5th. Highest swing speed recorded 158 mph Highest ball speed recorded – 228 mph Longest competitive drive – 448 yards
Unless you tap into your body’s full potential, you will always struggle to reach those accuracy and distance goals you desire…
For example; A study performed at the South Shore YMCA evaluated the effect of an 8-week strength and flexibility training program on physical fitness and golf performance in adults.
The 17 participants performed 15 standard strength exercises and 6 basic stretches three times a week.

The golfers who trained improved in all of their fitness measurements:

56% improvement in muscle strength
24% increase in hip and shoulder flexibility
4.1-lb. increase in lean weight
3.0-lb. decrease in fat weight
5% increase in clubhead speed

These golfers confirmed the improvement in their driving power during the following season with consistently longer drives.The group of 5 control subjects who were tested but did not participate in the program recorded the same mean club head speed before and after the 8-week program

And there are dozen of studies like this…

You see, golf lessons alone will not give you the swing you desire because you will have weaknesses and limitations, so no matter how hard you try, you fail at many significant improvements to your sequence and struggle to see the accuracy and distance results.
However, you don’t need to spend hours in the gym, you don’t need to train like an Olympian to see significant results either. (Of course, a healthy, strong body and fitness for lifestyle will help you on a variety of levels in your life as well as golf). All I am saying is, even investing a small bit of time the right way, a golfer can play and feel better. 
With intelligent choices of swing improvement drills 15
and quality exercises, you can achieve great results in under 15 minutes a day.
You see your body still controls the golf club and with the right moves and exercises we can educate your muscles and free you up by being more mobile and agile to move the directions we want for a good golf swing.
With the right type of training your swing will do it automatically saving you thousands of hours and headaches.
This is why a realistic hybrid structure was called for and has proven to be so very successful, not just in results but in compliance by the golfers.
Until now, my golf performance system has only been available to my private clients ...

Professional and amateur golfers alike who pay me thousands of dollars to show them the secrets to greater distance and accuracy in a one-to-one, on-the-course setting. 

These are the players everyone envies, and they're willing to shell out large sums to gain an “unfair” advantage...

but one that's totally fair because they took the time to understand and apply “golf intelligence” to their swing routines.

I know there are a ton of programs out there promising to help you hit longer, more accurate drives.
Maybe you’ve tried some yourself, and found the results to be quite disappointing. Maybe you blame yourself… maybe you didn’t follow the programs correctly…

Wrong. You are not the problem. The programs are. Most of the golf training programs out there ask you to do the same ineffective swing routines over and over. They don’t understand how the human body is engineered, so they don’t know how to take advantage of it’s amazing mechanical properties for more efficient power generation.

Because of all the reasons, evidence, in the trenches proof discussed above, I wanted to create for golfers everywhere an easy to follow, easy to implement, fun and extremely effective resource for golfers of all levels. 

This resource needed to improve a players swing with simple mechanics and easy to implement swing drills to find the “faster swing sequence” and not rely on long golf fitness routines or long practice sessions…

I have put my findings, experience, passion and skill into a complete system …
Introducing a Revolution In Golf
Performance Training
The IDGT40 System Is Different...
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60 Day Money Back Guarantee.
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It relies on real sports science – hard, proven evidence – to produce real results. You don’t need a degree in physics to master it, either; all that work has been done for you.

IDGT40… 40 drills + 40 simple exercises over 40 days = A more powerful, accurate, agile, healthier golfer.

You can literally do this in your home too, nearly all the drills can be effective (and are designed that way) without spending hours on a range so winter practice or even at home in the evening the IDGT40 will transform your power.

You don’t need lots of equipment just a club, a ball and a band even! 

You may think 40 drills are a lot to learn, but experience has proven that keeping it interesting assists adherence to the 40 days consistently.

Even if you don’t manage all 40 days remember you will have on hand a database of videos, 40 swing drills and 40 moves and exercises with full applications and instruction that you can utilize whenever you want. Pick your favourites and really groove the swing you want.

There is no fluff just great info and results delivered in to the point videos and text. 

I know you’re busy with life, family, work, golf (it’s time consuming in itself), you want bang for buck as it were for time investment. I get it!

Besides all of the drills, the physical moves and exercises are related to swing improvement. The main focus is to simply groove your muscles and give you the right sensations to trigger your muscles to swing faster and in the right sequence. It’s not about difficult swing technique tips that require hours and hours of range practice.

We want to awaken your swing to a new feeling of speed and consistency.

It recognizes that your body is a machine and fine tunes your swing mechanics so you can enjoy effortless, powerful drives with total control. The program focuses on three core components, each of which can be completed at home in just 15 minutes per day:
All you have to do is follow a series of simple exercises for 40 days to hit the ball at least 40 yards farther than ever before – guaranteed!
You Get In IDGT...
  • Swing Instruction
    Easy to follow and perform swing technique to develop the ideal sequence for optimal speed and consistency
  • Exercises 
    Well when I say exercises, most are simply “movements” not full blown intense conditioning, muscle building exercises you associate with training. These moves prime your body with strength, speed, balance and flexibility to reduce restrictions to enable a powerful swing.
  • Swing Drills
    Daily swing and practice drills to ingrain the correct sequences and feelings so they become natural and effortless.
Each day you’ll be presented with a single exercise and swing drill that work together to improve your technique, strengthen your core golf muscles, and build muscle memory until you’ve developed the perfect, automatic, powerful and accurate golf swing of your dreams.

Don’t forget the health benefits too.. Improved agility, flexibility, energy and the benefits of just getting you moving more alone will have help you feel better and move faster… 

Also, the IDGT40 System can be added to your normal fitness routine if you are doing one… It only takes a few minutes and can be used as your warm ups even if you are already very active or practicing a lot. Several players have applied this technique with good results.
Same applies to your golf routine, you can even pick and choose some of the swing drills that really “click” with you and hone them in a regular additions to improve your golf swing. 
I know your busy.. That’s why it has been formulated this way.. 
Here is just some of what you get in the
IDGT40 System…
Secure payments through Clickbank and paypal...
Secure payments through Clickbank, Credit Cards & Paypal...
60 Day Money Back Guarantee.
Nothing To Be Shipped
  • 1) Discover the 5 key principles to swing speed that most golfers ignore
  • 2) Get the most effective training drills to perform at home – in just 15 minutes per day – to ingrain proper swing mechanics into your physiological mindset. Your explosive swing will feel as natural as walking! 
  • 3) Get step by step lessons, practice drills, and workouts to build the explosive swing of your dreams, from grip to follow-through 
  • 4) Destroy the 5 most common swing myths that have certainly limited your distance
  • 5) Engage in power-producing exercises and drills that are 10 times more effective than hitting balls on the range
  • 6) Own a golf swing that you can trust to consistently rocket the ball 40 yards further, pain-free 
  • 7) Get workouts to specifically build an explosive golf swing, reduce injury risk, and feel great
  • 8) Learn the 5 most common swing faults plus fitness exercises and corrective moves to fix them once and for all
  • 9) Plus a BONUS equipment report to maximize your distances 
Just like the foundation of a house, you need a good foundation for a powerful, consistent swing.

The IDGT40 System develops that foundation and ingrains muscle memory and automated biomechanical sequence that translates into greater distance.

By the time you’re done with the IDGT40 System, you won’t even have to think about hitting the ball to pound it 40 yards farther into the middle of the fairway!

“After you’ve finished the 40 day program you will have the opportunity to keep improving on the distance gains you’ve made with more advanced programs”.

Yes! Just as a more efficient swing will yield greater power, a more efficient training program will yield a more efficient swing. A busy work and personal lifestyle means I’ve been unable to play nearly as much golf as I would like, just like many of my clients and probably just like you. I had to evolve my practice, training, and playing time to be as efficient and effective as possible, so I developed a program that would allow my clients to likewise train their bodies to effortlessly surge with swing power, efficiently and effectively, every time.

You need a golf swing training program that recognizes that time is at a premium, fits into your busy lifestyle, allows you to train at home, and quickly builds the muscle memory that translates into longer, more powerful drives on the course.

Unlike other golf swing improvement programs, I’m not going to waste your time. I’m not asking for 90 minutes a day. I’m not even asking for an hour or half an hour. I know you’re busy, but by condensing my program into easy, 15-minute daily sessions I’ve removed all excuses for why you can’t be driving the ball 40 yards farther in just 40 days.

The Most Effective 15 minutes

The 15 minutes of each of the 40 days is a blend of great drills for speed, power, accuracy, swing path and sequence improvement as well as simple moves and exercises that will boost your distance results and how you feel

Doug Lawrie, Award Winning PGA Coach

More power

I have lost 20 pounds and increase 20 plus yards on my tee shots with the performance program from Alex.

David Fuller, Texas

The ball is going a lot lot further and my body feels looser 

I have challenges with normal teachings of swing and trying to have more speed, but the drills were fun, easy to follow and helped my swing and feel more flexible. 

Brian Tenant, UK
100% Money Back Guarantee
You are getting in this amazing system; 
80 lessons split up between 40 exercises and 40 swing technique drills/ practice tips (You can always utilize these anytime in your golf practice or training) 
Hours of valuable, elite performance coaching to take your game past all your expectations
You see, if you were one of my clients and students you would be paying;

$400 for a 1/2 day consultation

$270 for a custom golf training program.

If you just wanted a quick swing lesson, the cost for that is $90…

I am not asking you spend anything like that though because I wanted to make this unbelievable resource accessible for everyone!!
All of this and more for only $37!
Secure payments through Clickbank and paypal...
60 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
Secure payments through Clickbank and paypal...
You can begin your first lesson in just 5 minutes from now. Take the first step toward being a great golfer: add 40 yards to your drives in just 40 days, in just 15 minutes per day. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be the envy of the golf course… and a much better, happier golfer.
Put the power of a proven, simple golf success system to work for you! Pick up the 40 Days To Better Golf System right now and start hitting the ball better and shooting lower scores then you ever have!

Welcome to the Art of Simple Golf family!

Alex Fortey
Creator/Author, The Intelligent Distance Golf Training System

P.S. Remember, this is a no-way-to-fail, PROVEN System that is 100% GUARANTEED to work for you or you are not out one penny! There is simply NO reason at all to continue struggling and trying everything that comes along to improve your game. I want something much better for you. Give my System a shot. I promise this is the best decision you will ever make!

P.P.S. It may not be easy, but imagine the look on your playing partners’ faces when they see you hit that first drive 30 yards past them down the center of the fairway! 

Now that's something to get excited about, right?

Let's get started!
Take control of your swing and have some fun over the next 40 days with each drill and exercise video… Feel more agile, swing easier and faster and watch your ball speed and accuracy improve everyday!
Available in Instant Download! Nothing Will Be Shipped To You. 
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