"Do You Want to Achieve your Ideal Golf Game? I'll be your Personal Coach Who Won't Complicate your Swing and Confuse You”
I’m personally taking on a select group of golfers that want to finally play their best golf and want me to work one-on-one with them via online tools to guarantee their success.

If that sounds like you, read on because I’ll map out exactly how we can work together to guarantee your success for a fraction of the cost of dozens of lessons that never seem to give you the results you’re looking for. 
Your Results Are Guaranteed.
Try to get that from your pro, instructor or Golf Channel lesson It won’t happen. 

In fact, they’ll probably look at you like you’re crazy for asking and then try to pass the buck and say that they can’t be responsible for how you play in competition or how well you practice, etc.

When a coach…at least a good one…takes on a student, their job isn’t just to give them swing instruction or improve their confidence.

It’s to deliver results. Plain and simple.

And that’s exactly what I’ll do for you…Deliver Results. 
How Can I Guarantee Your Success? 
Here’s The Formula…
I am not going to just focus on your swing like your Local PGA pro does and try and turn you into a Rory McIlroy/Robot hybrid… I am not going to bamboozle you with technical swing instruction that does nothing for your ball striking on a consistent basis let alone your scores.

I am going to be your coach… Your personal game improvement coach and guide.  

With a mission that will ensure you improve;
  • Your consistent scores
  • Swing mechanics
  • Course management
  • Practice efficiency
  • Equipment choices
  • Fitness and health
  • Mental game
I'm on call for you.

Just Like a Tour player has with the Likes of Shaun Foley and Butch Harmon, I am at your service!
We will be using the brand new custom platform for live video lessons, calls and communication too!
No matter if you want to break 90 or 70 or if you have once a week or 5 times a week to play this will work to get you playing your very best golf guaranteed. 
I'm on call for you.

Just Like a Tour player has with the Likes of Shaun Foley and Butch Harmon, I am at your service!
My coaching works like this:
If you have a practice window coming up, you text or call me for what to do.
If you have had a bad weekend round or tournament, we discuss how to improve.
We come up with a plan of action, swing and mental strategies for the next round you play.
I’ll personally assess and review your current swing and overall golf game using Edufi
You have email access to me to ask any questions you have. 
We use VOXER to communicate. You share your questions and results.
Golf fitness program advice and plans to follow to suit your needs and ability.
To start we’ll go through my Golf Performance Questionnaire so that I can learn your personal goals, your goals, what you’ve done to improve your game in the past, how it worked (or didn’t) and what your unique, individual golfing needs and circumstances are so that we can determine how to make the most of the instruction and personalized coaching to finally see your distances, swing and scores dramatically improve.
Then we’ll do Swing/Game Review. You will record a swing video clip from a two different angles with a couple of different clubs as well as record short clips of your short game technique. This will allow me to completely assess your technique and allow me to optimize your swing mechanics and provide you with a video lesson that you can immediately put into action as well as review anytime you want to tighten up your swing.

Following the first personalized Swing Lesson we’ll move into Customized Improvement - practice drills, tweaks and challenges on the range and course to work on either at home or for the range in addition to your chosen program to maximize the results.
If you travel, we’ll accommodate it. If you’re pressed for time, we’ll work around it. You will have a golf improvement structure that will accelerate your results no matter how much of a challenge golf has been for you in the past.
From here we will start build your golf swing and improvement plan specifically to fit your personal needs and goals… A golf game that feels natural, simple and gives you longer straighter shots and lower scores. 

A way to learn that is not confusing, complicated or impossible to adhere to. Whether you have 2 hour or 10 hours a week to put into your golf game, you will still see dramatic improvement.  
No one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter golf swing or learning system.  
Plus You Get Access To ALL of
The Art of Simple Golf Resources (Value $485)
This is a custom designed blueprint to guarantee that you finally enjoy playing your best golf.
Finally, I’ll teach you all the tricks and hacks I’ve learned through coaching several hundred people to become optimal on and off the golf course.

These real world proven shortcuts will dramatically accelerate your results.  

Once we’ve homed in on your personalized blueprint for success, we’ll optimize it each and every month as your swing and your game will be changing and progressing and make sure that you’re always following the exact plan you need to be following to keep hitting it further and improving your scores. 

And what truly sets this program apart and guarantees your success is that as my student you have unlimited email access to me to troubleshoot any challenge that may arise, answer any question you may have and to give you the motivation and accountability you need to see dramatic progress fast.
Your Own Personal ‘On Demand’ Golf
Improvement Coach.
“So Alex, What’s All Of This Cost?”
I know that by this point you’re wondering about the investment for all of this…as you should be.  Before we get to that, let me give you a little perspective.    

The rate for just one golf lesson is usually going to be about $50-100 per session....

The typical driver costs around $400 and offers zero personalization, zero coaching…and unfortunately, more often than not, zero results. (Just try asking the manufacturers for a results guarantee.) Despite the claims that it will add 15 yards to your drives!
I wanted to mention that to you because with all of those options you’re basically buying one-size-fits-all lessons or one-size-fits-all equipment.

Not results
What we are doing here is 100% personalized for you.
And I am offering a great program at a great rate as I love to work with golfers who want to simplify and improve. 

We can help you slash scores and hopefully become friends too! 

This is NOT For Everybody.
I have to going to be VERY picky about who I work with.

With The Art of Simple Golf requiring most of my time, along with my existing students and my own playing and training commitments, I do not want to waste time on folks who do not truly want to improve. 

I need you to be commit to playing your best golf using simple, effective methods customized to you and letting go of the gimmicks and quick fixes that promise the world and never deliver. 

So here are my prerequisites: 
1. You have to be truly committed to your golfing goals. They are your individual goals, not mine…but you must be committed to making them happen.
2. You must be coachable. I’m going to build your golf success plan around your lifestyle, your goals and your unique circumstances, but you have to be willing to put in whatever time you can or work with me to adapt it if we determine something doesn’t fit.
This opportunity is extremely limited because of the intense one-on-one time needed in order to provide you with results.

Therefore, it is physically impossible for me to work with more than a handful of people. 

Also, you should realize there’s a very large demand for personal one-on-one help from me, and what I’m offering to you is an incredible bargain. 

So with that said, know that the window of opportunity won’t be open long.

If you feel like this is right for you... 

Click here.
What happens after I pay the $95?

In short, this is a trial lesson and a few days to ensure this is the right choice for you and I but also giving you a personal lesson and consultation. 

Once paid I will be in contact and we will be getting the ball rolling!

 As well as our first call, you will be sending me the information, swings and instructions for the tools we use for One- to - One Online Coaching. 

After your first swing and game review, consultation and lesson and the follow ups... you have... in fact WE have the opportunity to determine if we are the right fit for one another. 

If not, it's ok!

We simply cancel the future 90 day payment/s scheduled.

No strings attached!   

This is a relationship that has to suit us both  and to get the very most out of the next 90 days, we need synergy and I need to know you are a willing student etc.

With the $95 initial 7 days, you will still have got the benefits of a personalized lesson, guidance moving forward and great value. 

If we agree, you payments will be processed depending on your chosen plan and we make you into the best golfer you have ever been together! 

I look forward to learning more about you and helping you dominate this game for years to come. 

This is Golf. Simplified.

Your Friend & Coach,